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7-Chakra Rudraksha Mala

7-Chakra Rudraksha Mala

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This rudraksha and stone mala is part of the 7-chakra collection. Each stone corresponds to one chakra:
7º - Violet - Sahasrara - Crown chakra - Spirituality and self-knowledge - Mantra OM
6º - Indigo - Ajna - Third eye chakra - Perception and intuition - Mantra HUM
5º - Turquoise blue - Vishuddha - Throat chakra - Communication and sounds - Mantra HAM
4º - Green - Anahatha - Heart chakra - Love and compassion - Mantra YAM
3º - Yellow - Manipura - Solar plexus chakra - Emotions and power - Mantra RAM
2º - Orange - Svadhisthana - Sacral chakra - Creativity and sexuality - Mantra VAM
1º - Red - Muladhara - Root chakra - Physical needs and identity - Mantra LAM

Rudraksha seeds - literally "the eyes of God" - come from a sacred tree that only grows in the Himalayan area. They are known to bring peace of mind; they also protect against negative energies and they enhance spiritual practices.

What are chakras?
Chakras - wheels in Sanskrit - represent energy centers, which role is to condense, distribute and transform vital energy throughout the human body. Each chakra has its own properties and healing power. Western scientists have recently discovered that they correspond to the 7 main nerve ganglia on the spinal column.

How to use your mala?
The word “mala” means in Sanskrit garland of roses. It was originated in India; from Buddhism and Hinduism, it was passed on to Islam and from Islam to Christianity in times of the Crusades. The malas or rosaries are used to count devotional words when meditating with mantras. Repeating the same syllables over and over again, you will generate specific vibrations. Place the mala on one hand and take a bead between the thumb and the forefinger. For each mantra you recite, rotate the mala and pass to the next bead. It is an effective way to stay in the present moment and to achieve peace of mind and inner silence.

The full rosary usually has 108 beads, as a symbol of the 108 human passions. You can also have 27 beads or any other number usually multiple of 3. Malas can be worn as personal accessories or jewels: they will define our personality and spirit. According to all traditions, they have sort of a magical and protective aura.

Technical specifications: 
108 beads of ± 7 mm. Rudraksha seeds and natural stones: red chalcedony, orange quartzite, yellow quartzite, green quartzite, turquoise magnesite, sodalite, amethyst.