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Cristal Feng Shui Buda Chakras

Cristal Feng Shui Buda Chakras

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Chakra Buddha - Balance and inner peace
The Buddha is the quintessential symbol of inner peace. He is often depicted in a meditative posture sitting on top of a lotus flower: a promise of salvation as it grows pure in muddy waters. This Buddha bears the colours of the 7 chakras, the energy centers that distribute energy in the human body. It is said that when they are open and activated, we lead a balanced life.

Rainbow makers for a life full of colours, light and magic
According to the art of feng shui, crystal allows natural qi energy to be activated and balanced to bring harmony, happiness and prosperity to the home. Hang this crystal ornament in a window and every time the sun shines it will cast multiple rainbows in the room. The cheerful colours of the gold metal figure have a lovely transparency effect that recalls the stained-glass windows of cathedrals. Life is beautiful and sacred: let's celebrate it!

Made in: 
the UK
Technical specifications: 
Embellished with quality Austrian crystals. Overall lenght 19,5 cm. Sphere 3 cm Ø. Stained glass effect resin and gold coloured metal. Metal chain. Supplied in a giftbox with a suction cup.