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Copper Bracelet - 7 Chakras

Copper Bracelet - 7 Chakras

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Chakras - wheels in Sanskrit - represent the 7 energy centers which role is to condense and distribute vital energy throughout the human body. They are represented in the middle of a lotus flower with a specific number of petals. They correspond to different aspects of human life:

7º - Crown - Violet - Spirituality
6º - Third eye - Indigo - Perception
5º - Throat - Blue - Expression
4º - Heart - Green - Love
3º - Solar plexus - Yellow - Power
2º - Sacral - Orange - Sexuality and emotions
1º - Root - Red - Safety and physical needs
When our chakras are open and well-balanced, we are meant to live a harmonious life.

In Tibet, metal bracelets are considered as healing jewels. They are meant to have specific properties such as the activation of blood pressure and the absorption of minerals; their electromagnetic effect is said to relieve pain. Known since ancient times in the West, copper is a valuable metal that is said to have a positive effect on blood pressure. Recent studies highlight its great importance for human health.

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12 mm wide, handcrafted copper