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Iwachu Incense Burner - Golden Orizuru

Iwachu Incense Burner - Golden Orizuru

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The word orizuri, literally ori – folded and zuru – crane, refers to paper cranes that are made in the origami art. This emblematic design represents a Manchurian crane, a very elegant bird revered all around Asia and specially in Japan.

Remember the good omens associated to the cranes each time you burn your favourite incense! They are a symbol of longevity as they can live up to 40 years, which is a very old age for a bird. Cranes defend their nest against predators with fervor, that is why the Japanese consider they bring protection and good fortune to the family. Her wings are meant to take souls to heaven. Another interesting characteristic is that cranes choose one partner for the whole life, which makes them an archetype of fidelity and loyalty. The golden colour of this burner is associated with wealth and abundance.

Quality and tradition
This cast iron craftswork was made in Morioka - Japan by the well-known family-run company Iwachu, who has been a specialist of cast iron process for more than 100 years.

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Crane 7 x 11,5 x H5 cm. Stand 11 x 11 cm. Traditional Japanese cast iron craftwork.