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Yume no Yume - Sakura Cherry Blossom

Yume no Yume - Sakura Cherry Blossom

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Yume No Yume Cherry Blossom, low smoke incense
We all get moved by the beauty of cherry blossom, sakura in Japanese. Its floral and fresh scent comforts our heart and helps create a relaxed atmosphere. In the Kobin Wakashu, an unknown poet gives us a piece of advice: “Cherry trees will blossom again in spring. But you have to take care of yourself to be able to see it.”

The Yume no Yume incenses - literally dream of dreams - combines poetry and fragrances. They evoke quotes from the Kokin Wakashu, Anthology of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry. This collection of waka poems was published in the 10th century, about 100 years before the famous Tale of Genji.

This large box is ideal if you burn incense regularly. Its lovely design also makes it an original fragrant gift! Please note that the number of sticks is approximate and may vary depending on the batch.

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30 min.
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Net weight: 100g. Floral scent, Japanese incense with no bamboo core.