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Om Shambala Bracelet - Magnesite

Om Shambala Bracelet - Magnesite

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Magnesite Shambala – Calmness
Magnesite is said to help recover, to enhance a positive attitude in life and to bring peace of mind. In Sanskrit, Shambala (also Shambhala) means "the place of peaceful happiness", a mysterious realm described in Buddhist scriptures. Although it is part of the Earth, this pure land cannot be located on any map.

About the Om ૐ sacred syllable
It is the original mantra, the symbol of the unity with the divine, the union between physical and spiritual realms, the sound out of which come all the other sounds. Reciting the mantra Om is said to purify us physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also meant to activate our pineal gland, the one that secretes melatonin, also known as the time-keeping hormone. Our metal Om bead is handcrafted in a small workshop in Thailand through a nine-step casting process. It is carefully hand polished to get a thorough finish.

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±10 mm Ø, magnesite and brass.