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Incensario Iwachu Amarillo - Otoño

Incensario Iwachu Amarillo - Otoño

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Autumn - Icho
Icho ginkgo is a unique tree, like a living fossil that can live up to 1500 years. It is highly revered by the Japanese who consider it as a bearer of hope. As incredible as it may sound, a few months after the explosion of the bomb on Hiroshima, an old ginkgo tree started to sprout again at less than one kilometer from the epicentre.

Incense burners of the 4 seasons
The flow of seasons is a central theme in Japanese art. Each lid features a traditional pattern that symbolises the corresponding time of the year. Elegant and luxurious with a golden base, it's the perfect accessory to burn your favourite Japanese incense.

Iwachu, quality and tradition
Treat yourself to this cast iron incense burner manufactured in Morioka - Japan by the well-known family-run company Iwachu, who has been a specialist of cast iron process for more than 100 years.

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Ø 9 x 9 cm, traditional cast iron work. Served with marble sand, ready for use