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Container for Zukoh Incense Powder - Ebony

Container for Zukoh Incense Powder - Ebony

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This elegant wooden complement is used as a pocket container for zukoh incense powder (ref. 717).

How to use it?
Unscrew the top of the container in order to fill it with zukoh incense powder. The longer wooden part is called netsuke and it allows you to hang the container from your waist so that you can take it with you whenever you want without losing it. To enjoy the mysterious perfume of this high-quality incense, remove the small lid on the side and take the quantity of powder you want by tapping. Rub zukoh on the palm of your hands or sprinkle it delicately on your wrists, behind your ears or on your clothes.

Zukoh incense is used in the tradition of calligraphy as a purifying ritual before copying sutras.

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Ø 5,4 cm x 2 cm. Ebony wood.