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Fantasía de Cristal Hada Sentada Grande

Crystal Fantasy Suncatcher - Sitting Fairy, Large

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Fairies are mythical beings with supernatural powers. They are said to advise us during our sleep and help us create magic in our life.

Rainbow makers
Crystals are said to activate and balance qi natural energy in order to get harmony, happiness and prosperity in the house. Hang them close to a window and whenever the sun shines, crystals will reflect plenty of rainbows on the walls. This crystal fantasy incorporates quality crystals; it is finished with a brilliant clear crystal pendant for maximum rainbow making effects.

Made in: 
the UK
Technical specifications: 
Embellished with quality Austrian crystal, metal chain and 5 cm mirror-finish metal motif. Almond pendant 5 cm. Overall lenght 27 cm. Supplied with an organza bag and a suction cup.