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Chimes of the Forest - Cocoa

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The sound of nature
The soothing music of this wooden wind chime brings calm and serenity and connects us with the healing power of the forest. Its natural aspect makes it go with any interior or exterior designs.

The power of the forest
In Japan, they practice shinrin-yoku, literally forest bathing. They know that being in touch with nature is extremely healthy: it energises us and even makes us rejuvenate. Wandering in the forest is like a balm for body and mind, an invitation to feel the smell of earth and moss, the sunlight through the leaves, the freshness of clean air and the music of the breeze between branches. May this wind chime remind you to stop in the bustle of modern life.

Wood care
This chime can be placed outdoors, but like all woods exposed to the elements, it will require extra care. Use a clean rag or brush to periodically apply a thin coat of wood wax or wood oil. Regular oiling will help protect the wood from drying out. Each spring, apply a thin coat of exterior varnish. In this way, you will slow down the natural aging process of the wood.

Available with a cocoa or cinnamon finish.

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
51 cm overall length, 6 bunbinga finish ash wood dowels, black finish ash wood