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Kitachi Incense Burner

Kitachi Incense Burner

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The surface of the Kitachi cult incense burner is decorated with delicate golden flowers and elegant arabesques. It follows the Shirochibu style, a specific technique developped during the Taisho era (1912-1926): small white dots are painted on white background in order to create a special texture.

In Japan, these magnificent incense burners make a precious gift and are considered an essential part of home decoration. They are filled with pressed rice ashes where incense sticks are nailed. Having no bamboo core, they will burn completely without leaving a trace.

About Kutani ceramic
Ceramic has been made in the town of Kutani - Ishikawa prefecture - Japan since the middle of the XVIIth century. It is worldwide known for two different types of ceramics: the first one consists of gold-painted patterns, which are easily made as gold is abundant in the area; the second one is the superposition of thick layers of five colours, called go-sai: red, yellow, green, purple and dark blue. The designs Kutani craftsmen are famous for are bold representations of nature. This is a very rich and luxurious style, as proven by this rare and delightful piece of art.

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Ø 7,5 x H 10,5 cm. Kutani Japanese ceramic. Delivered in a wooden box.