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Banqueta Acolchada Desmontable Negra

Detachable Meditation Bench - Burgundy

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This upholstered meditation bench is hand made with extra strong cotton fabric.

An ergonomic basis represents a great investment to be able to meditate for a long time in a comfortable and relax way. For people with less flexibility, it can be hard or even impossible to meditate with a standard zafu; in that case a bench is a good option. As the hips get higher, the posture is straighter and the spine is upright, without tension. The bench allows the meditator to take care of his posture and of his body and mind.

The supports are removable, so you can transport and store it with complete comfort.

To clean your bench, brush the fabric or use the hoover; stains can be removed by rubbing with a wet rag.

The zabuton used to protect your knees and ankles is also available with the same colour.

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Technical specifications: 
44 x 17 cm. 23 cm high, pinewood, natural varnish, 100% cotton fabric