Dark wooden bouddhist altar

Dark wooden bouddhist altar

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This altar was designed and made in Japan with a gentle and soothing shape in order to generate a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in your home, for example at the place where you practice meditation, introspection, silence...

Wooden altar made by qualified Japanese craftsmen. The beech plywood sheets are shaped through a steam-based process; steel moulds are used to get the delicate curves you can now admire. The finishing step, which is done before the wood dries and hardens, requires great skills and experience. Grain and colour may differ from one part to the other depending on the wood. Fire resistant paint is applied to fully protect the altar.
Three beautiful glass objects with a simple and pleasing design: a vase, an incense burner and a candle holder. Each item is individually handcrafted following glassmaking techniques passed down from the Edo period (1603-1868).
Photo frame: place there an inspiring image like the Buddha or your master for instance.
Forest Fragrance Japanese incense: enjoy this soothing, fresh and subtle fragrance made of essential oils of camomile, sage and lavender. With a comforting and delicate scent, this incense was specially conceived to calm body and mind. It leaves no ash and makes minimal smoke. Each stick is indented so that you can cut it easily if you want to. 130 sticks, 20 minutes approx. burning time.
60 candles, 10 minutes approx. burning time.
Ashes for incense burner, 20 g.

Technical specifications: 
Incluye florero, porta-fotos, incensario, incienso, ceniza, porta-vela y 60 velas