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Hachimaki Ichiban, the first

Hachimaki Ichiban, the first

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Strength and determination
Literally hachi - forehead and maqui - tape. The Japanese tie a hachimaki around their head as a symbol of effort and perseverance. Students, workers, men and women wear it to inspire strength and achieve their goal. Showing the rising sun in the middle, the hachimaki reflects the genuine spirit of Japan!

About the making of hachimakis
- The edges are not sewn and it is natural for them to fray a little. You have to cut the loose threads until the fringes of the warp are 0.5 to 1 cm.
- As there are no seams, it is very pleasant to wear: it does not cause discomfort and does not leave marks on the forehead.
- The hachimaki can be washed and its texture will become softer and smoother. However, colour loss is inevitable as natural dyes are used. We recommend not using detergents with bleach or highly alkaline.

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90 x 30 cm. 100 % cotton