Brush pen Edo

Brush pen Edo

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300 years of experience in Japanese traditional calligraphy brush pen. Enjoy a great feel of writing of this orthodox brush pen with the handmade tip. A gorgeous, elegant design, decorated with colored Japanese paper. This pen writes nicely and its ink appearance is full and stable until the end of use.
Each comes with a different design that cannot be chosen. All are beautiful.
Instruction for usage:
* If the pen writes too light in color (appears as though it is low/out of ink), hold the tip of the pen facing down for 2 minutes and try using again.
* When not in use, ensure that the cap is securely fastened over the tip of the pen. If the tip becomes dried-out, wash the tip with water and store the pen with its cap attached and its tip downward-facing for 2-3 days before use.
* Do not shake the pen as it can cause ink to leak.

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Ink-filled calligraphy brush-tip pen