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Pack Iniciación al Incienso Japonés

Pack Iniciación al Incienso Japonés

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If you are not familiar with Nippon Kodo Japanese incense, here is our selection for you to enter a refined world of traditions and sensations. Find the one for each moment of your life and treat yourself to a fragrant occasion!

- Koh Do Fortune (smokeless): warm and velvety fragrance of bergamot, oak moss and geranium with an oriental note. Try it at sunrise.
- Koh Do Jinkoh : invigorating scent of sandalwood and pine resin for your body and mind.
- Ka-Fuh Aqua (smokeless): this blend of cyclamen, primrose and jazmine is as fresh as a spring breeze.
- Tokusen Sagano in roll: this deep blend of agarwood and sandalwood is perfect for your introspective moments or meditation sessions.
- Tokusen Sakura Usuzumi in roll: this happy note of cherry blossom on a base of sandalwood brings calm and serenity.
- Morning Star Sandalwood, the bestseller of the collection: this rich scent awakes our spiritual side.
- White Yukari incense holder: this elegant and practical accessory matches with any home design.

Características técnicas: 
Assortment of 6 boxes of different Japanese incenses and 1 incense burner