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Incienso Vajrayoguini - Meditación

Tibetan incense Vajrayogini - Meditation

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This incense is enterely handmade following a strict formula found in an ancient traditional text. The principal ingredient is sandalwood that is combined with a variety of other medicinal herbs found in the Himalayan region. It's particularly used during spiritual ceremonies and meditation sessions to purify the environment and create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. 

As a supreme bliss and vacuity tantric deity, Vajrayogini is Chakrasamvara’s consort. She's represented as a young naked woman with red skin. She possesses a vertical third eye on her forehead symbolising her endless wisdom and her ability to see it all in the present, past and future. Vajrayogini’s short mantra is Oṃ Vajrayoguinī Hūṃ Phaṭ Sohā.

Handmade with natural ingredients from the Himalayan and following old recipes of the lamas, this incense is part of the Tibetan holistic healing system, which is based on natural remedies and the power of praying.

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20 thick sticks and support