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Incienso Milarepa - Pura Vida

Tibetan incense Milarepa - Pure Living

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Made from 113 natural ingredients that include healing herbs and prcious stones. It is particularly used to purify negative karma, created both in the past and present life and helps to keep our precoious life energy pure and healthy.

Milarepa is a famous Tibetan yogi and poet from the XI-XIIth century. After practising assiduously during twelve years with his master Marpa Lotsawa, he attained the stage of Vajradhara, which means complete enlightenment. He is said to be the first person to reach Buddhahood over one single life, as most of the Buddhas have required many rebirths in order to purify their karma. His mantra is Om Ah Guru Bendsa Hung.

Handmade with natural ingredients from the Himalayan and following old recipes of the lamas, this incense is part of the Tibetan holistic healing system, which is based on natural remedies and the power of praying.

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20 thick sticks and support