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Incienso Kalachandra - Sanación

Tibetan incense Kalachakra - Healing

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Entirely handmade based on an ancient recipe. It is prepared from pure medicinal herbal plants collected from their natural and uncontaminated environment in the Himalayan mountains. Can help to restore harmony between body and mind.

Kalachakra is a tantric meditation that was translated from Sanskrit to Tibetan language in the year 1027. Kalachakra, literally "cycles of time", emphasises on time as an indicator of change not only externally in the world but also internally in the body. It consists of a deep and mysterious teaching that aims to overcome all obstacles on the path to enlightenment.

Handmade with natural ingredients from the Himalayan and following old recipes of the lamas, this incense is part of the Tibetan holistic healing system, which is based on natural remedies and the power of praying.

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20 thick sticks and support