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Incensario Takaoka

Incensario Takaoka

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Decorated with gold leaf, the sumptuous Takaoka incense burner is an ode to elegance and refinement.

In Japan, these magnificent incense burners make a precious gift and are considered an essential part of home decoration. They are filled with pressed rice ashes where incense sticks are nailed. Having no bamboo core, they will burn completely without leaving a trace.

Takaoka cast iron tradition
In 1611, Maeda Toshinaga, lord of Kaga domain in the town of Takaoka, invited seven metal casters in order to stimulate the economy of the region. His decision was the beginning of a long tradition of cast iron in Takaoka, as the know-how has passed on from one generation to the next till now. In spite of declining in the last few decades, Takaoka region is still now the main cast iron production area in Japan. In fact, the Takaoka copper crafts was designated as a National Traditional Handicraft and intangible cultural asset.

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Ø 10,5 x H 11,5 cm. Copper. Delivered in a wooden box.