Taiyo Lily of the Valley

Taiyo Lily of the Valley

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The sun’s radiance is a paean to life. Its light brings joy to all things that live in the air, on the earth, in the oceans. Though its appearance may change from morning to noon to dusk, it continues to bestow the same rich blessings. Branches swaying in the wind, dappled sunlight shining through the leaves. Sunlight brings energy to nurture the life of all living things.

Taiyo Lily of the Valleys incense has been created to evoke pure sunlight. This is a fresh incense with a sweet fragrance, reminiscent of the neat and prim lilies that bloom on the mountainsides on a sunny morning. Smokeless incense.

This big box is ideal if you burn incense regularly. Its lovely design also makes it an original fragrant gift!

Note 1: the number of sticks is approximate and may vary depending on the batch.
Note 2: this scent is also available in a box of 20 sticks (ref. 2024).

Made in: 
Number of sticks: 
≈ 400
25 min.
Florentine Iris
Características técnicas: 
Net weight: 190g. Japanese incense with no bamboo core.