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Incensario Yukari Plano Mariposa

Yukari Incense Burner - Butterfly Plate

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This lovely incense burner features the carefree butterflies beloved by Heian Japanese court nobles (794-1185). Samurais often incorporated them on their suite of armour and helmet as a symbol of good fortune.

Yukari Japanese incense plate
Like cuisine and medicine, incense is deeply intertwined with local traditions handed down from generation to generation. In Japan for instance, court nobles used to enjoy refined scents through games and ceremonies. The incense plates they used were historically manufactured in Mino province, near present-day Gifu in central Japan, where a thriving ceramic industry flourished in the 16th century. Featuring designs inspired by traditional patterns and family crests, the Yukari incense plates usher you into a graceful and sophisticated realm of timeless beauty.

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Ceramic, Ø 9 x H 2,2 cm, includes holder.