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Gokugyo Kyara Fugaku - Exceptional Aloeswood

Gokugyo Kyara Fugaku - Exceptional Aloeswood

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Fugaku, the wonder of Mount Fuji.

This exceptional incense is part of Nippon Kodo's Collector's Collection, for which only a limited number is produced every year. It is made during wintertime, as it is said to be the best season. High quality natural ingredients are blended following long-cherished traditional techniques together with the latest manufacturing technology.

The fragrance of aloeswood, also called agarwood, comes from the resin produced by the tree to protect itself from harmful attacks by mold or stress. It profoundly affects people’s mood and it has been favoured throughout the world since ancient times.

Nippon Kodo makes copious use of precious carefully selected aromatic wood with unwanted parts removed. After being cured for a fixed period of time, each stick is finished by hand and handled as if it was a jewel. Its fragrance provides infinite depth and pleasure. Savour slowly the inexhaustible warmth of this kyara incense, the most highly prized aloeswood.

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Made in: 
Number of sticks: 
≈ 60
55 min.
Características técnicas: 
Japanese incense with no bamboo core. Lacquered wood box.