Edonishiki Tsuya

Edonishiki Tsuya

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Edo Nishiki Tsuya – Light smoke incense

Edo Nishiki Tsuya has a sweet and silky aroma. Its rich and intense powdery aroma has complex nuances, with a lot of body and a bittersweet edge. It is inspired by the "Bintsuke abura", the vanilla and clove scented headdress of sumo wrestlers.

Toward the end of the Tokugawa era, art and culture flourished in Edo (Tokyo). . It was a time of flourishing prosperity and one of the expressions of this era was fabric prints, Edo Komon. In samurai society clothes were very simple but people wanted to look unique and different and sought to express themselves through prints, colors and drawings on their fabrics. These decorative motifs extended to the kabuki theater, nishiki woodcarvings and many other aspects of everyday life, evoking images of a dazzlingly beautiful world and even today those designed created long ago seem modern and are still a source of passion and inspiration. We hope you enjoy this exquisite incense.

The packaging of this incense is inspired by Edo prints and reflects a genuinely Japanese aesthetic sensibility. This type of pattern Sahme Komon is made up of verlapping sectors, each sector containing tiny dots lined up diagonally. Its motif is shark skin which is known for being tough like an armor. Any item with this pattern is being used as means for amulet or talisman.

This big box is ideal if you burn incense regularly. Its lovely design also makes it an original fragrant gift!

Note: the number of sticks is approximate and may vary depending on the batch.

Made in: 
Number of sticks: 
≈ 215
25 min.
Soft and floral
Características técnicas: 
Net weight: 90g. Smokeless Japanese incense with no bamboo core.