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Cathedral Resin

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Blend of sacred resins and perfumes created to generate a pleasant atmosphere and purify your home. Associated with devotion, its scent will raise your prayers to the heavens. Let its powerful and fresh fragrance inspire you to find the right attitude, confidence and hope.

How to use it:
Light a charcoal, and place it in a high heat resistance incense burner containing ashes or sand. Drop small amounts of resins on the charcoal. You can burn this way pure resins or a blend of resins, herbs and oils. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use with caution. Ventilate the room after use. Do not inhale the smoke directly.

Remember that smudging is an intention-based ritual. With a pure heart and noble aspiration, you will boost its effect.

Características técnicas: 
30 g and one charcoal