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It all started when I left to work in the Middle East. I was 21. I had not even finished college yet. I had never flown before, nor had travelled abroad. There I met people from all over the world: Iraqis, Egyptians, Japanese, Thais, Germans... I was fascinated by the world. Back to Spain I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to continue living in an international environment. And so I started importing three aromas of Morning Star Japanese incense from Nippon Kodo. That was 1989. Now we carry more than a thousand products. The world is still plenty of things to delight the five senses and at Tierra Zen we do endeavor to get just a few.

Angel Chamorro

Ángel Chamorro
Zoco de Bagdag
Petra Jordania 1985
Templo de Narita Roshi Japón
Tierra Zen Intergift 1998
Nippon Kodo 1998
Tierra Zen 2002
Equipo Tierra Zen
Tierra Zen actual