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It is one of the most common incense ingredients and it is the wood from a semi-parasite tree that lives on another tree. It grows in bad quality land: arid, dry, stony zones. It is native from Indonesia but grows mainly in India and Australia.
Only the tree’s core, heartwood, has scent. 30 years are needed for a tree to start giving good quality sandalwood.
Sandalwood is a precious wood for Indians and was mainly destined to exportation.
It has antibacterial properties. When old URSS had a shortage of antibiotics it exchanged Mig fighter bombers for sandalwood.  It has relaxing and tranquilizing properties. It is used in temples due to the wellbeing it generates, for its purifying powers and because it helps to maintain an alert mind. In ayurvedic medicine it is used to treat anxiety and when having insomnia problems as it helps to sleep.
In perfumery it is used to give a strong base note as it is bright and fresh and as a fixative for other fragrances. 


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