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Crystal Cascade Suncatcher - Moonlight

Crystal Cascade Suncatcher - Moonlight

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Rainbow makers
Handmade using high quality crystals, this cascade allows to activate and balance qi natural energy in order to get harmony, happiness and prosperity in the house. Hang it close to a window and whenever the sun shines, crystals will reflect plenty of rainbows on the walls of your room.

The bluish and violet tones of this magnificent crystal cascade are a tribute to the moon. The satellite of the night reflects sunlight to illuminate darkness. It symbolises dreams, imagination and the unconscious. The moon is usually associated to femenine aspects of man and to the great power of creation of life. Its magical beauty is a metaphor of the transformation of human beings. 

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Embellished with quality Austrian crystal. Metal chain. Overall length 21,5 cm. Sphere ø2cm. Supplied with an organza bag and a suction cup.