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Arcángel de los Chakras

Guardian Angel Crystal Suncatcher - 7 Chakras

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Archangels are a symbol of protection and divine messengers. This one wears the colours of the 7 chakras. Chakras (wheels in Sanskrit) represent energy centers, which role is to condense, distribute and transform vital energy throughout the human body. Each crystal of colour corresponds to one of them and to one precise aspect of the human being: 

7º - Violet - Crown - Spirituality
6º - Indigo - Third eye - Perception
5º - Blue - Throat - Expression
4º - Green - Heart - Love
3º - Yellow - Solar plexus - Power
2º - Orange - Sacral - Sexuality and emotions
1º - Red - Root - Physical needs

Rainbow makers
This archangel incorporates quality crystals for a greater rainbow making effect. Hang it close to a window in your room or in your office in order to activate and balance qi universal energy. Let this pure and kind being of light guide you! 

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Technical specifications: 
Embellished with quality Austrian crystal and silicone coated steel wire. Angel 5,5 cm. Overall length 16 cm. Supplied with an organza bag and a suction cup.